Take a walk with us into the woods....

'Forest Play is a unique, holistic woodland experience for children to connect to nature, explore and have fun.' - Kay (Peace Begins With Me)

Have you ever taken a walk in the Angus woodlands with your family? The woods are a wonderful escape from every day life, something that should be done by all of us and yet we don't always carve out time in the day for it. Kay at Peace Begins With Me, runs wonderful outdoor Forest Play sessions for children and their grown ups, which allows you to do just that, carve out time in the day to just be in nature. In one of her Forest Play sessions, Kay guides us through these beautiful private woods on a journey of mindful walking, outdoor creative play, mindful movement (barefoot if you like!), ending with marshmallows around the campfire and a sound bath from Fiona (Qi at the Quay). Taking photographs of events like this always has my heart, to capture children's face's light up at the idea of running around doing something completely 'against' what they are usually told to do, is truly wonderful. Kay is a wonderful host and captivates her audience with her playfulness and charm, guiding us all through the woods on a lovely journey of rediscovery, making you want to return time and time again.

Although this is a children's experience, Forest Play isn't just for children, it reminds us all that we should be outdoors in nature playing together.

If this sounds like something you would like to do with your family, Spring Forest Play is ready to book right now, secure your spot below!